Book of Life

This is a sad post and is written through feeling, please prepare your heart before reading it.

My Grandma just passed away yesterday noon and I was by her side. I couldn't control my tears as I saw the weepings of her children, especially my mother. Everyone has his/her time for laughter and time to mourn I suppose. Man alone can not change this fact.

Life is a novel, a book that has its beginning and its ending. Shall it be interesting or dull? Thick or thin? Every sunrises, new pages that added to our life, who's the writer? God, in his the Book of Life. Let us refer back to our earlier life pages, how much you had done to pleasant your novel readers? To man, who are you? To angles, how are you? To God, how should you?

Man are a family, no matter what skin colours that we have or languages that we use, we are created by Him in the same way, Dust. Then why is there so much hatred in a family that causes war and pain? What is lacking in this world is Love. Love to care for weak and Love to forgive. There shouldn't be terrorists or war in a family. Politicians too should act as our elder brothers that care for us the younger one, not only for themselves.

No one has the right to end one's novel except for God Himself. Don't you think so? Therefore for those who are tearing people's life, please stop. Life alone is short, don't make it a grief. Everyone wants a better life, I believe terrorists were too, just that they don't understand the right way of doing it. Thus, don't destroy your own hope by showing your anger towards the innocents. That wouldn't be a cure for a better future.

History tells us people nowadays are racist, and was trying to wipe out other races. But I ask, who give us the right to do that? A man made out of Dust? or God of eternity? Think! I see how people cries and how people die. And these are not something pleasant, aren't they? Everyone has feeling.

Where you want to go after life? Heaven or Hell? It will be determined by your current life.

Sorry to be so serious but,
I just wanted to express my sad feeling today.

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