Icy Cold

I almost forgot to blog today as I was extremely busy with Site Diary and Plan Drawing =P Btw, do you guys know what is a site diary? In your mind, if you think that it is a stacks of wording books~
Then you are ab-so-lute-ly wrong~ Tek! Tek!

A site diary is not like blogging, it consists no emotion and fun. It is a bunch of data and data alone could completely fill-in a thick file. Of course, these data is not handwritten. In this era of electronic atom and neutron, we use Microsoft Excel!

Oh no, it seems that I'm leaking company information. Nah~ Instead, I'm promoting them XD Now the world would know their existence. Nevertheless, this is not all that I do. I record the weather, Not forecast! I also record concrete cast zone and manpower.

(I wish I could draw something more interesting like the above for the weather record but... They want only wording =.= wasted my talent of drawing~ Hahaha~)

That's all for site diary-

Plan drawing is tricky because none of them know AutoCAD aside from the Site Manager himself. Therefore as he is busy, I have to handle the drawing and guess what he said, "Wah! You finished all the drawing in such a short time?" I can sense that this is not merely compliment, he is definitely going to give me more tasks. Apparently, all my works are from him.

At the end of the day, I was stuck in the office all the time and it was cold. Outside, the sky was peeing. EXTRA COLD! These made my feel like going to washroom but, the toilet was somehow locked by someone =.= The funny thing is, the key was just lying in front of me but I didn't realize it until 2 hours later. Swt!

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