Being An Archi Coordinator?

Without doubt, it is another boring day. I attended to their meetings in the morning and they were so not interesting XD Again, I can't wait for time to pass. Maybe I should start doing my Japanese Study for the exam is near. I believe I will not go to site since my boots is still not ready today. Thus, this post might just end up talking about other matter XD

Oh please hold on! The Archi Coordinator just called me out. Maybe he wanted me to help him carry stuffs =.= Anyway, I followed him to first floor together with his drawing plan on hand. While he was busy checking the dimensions with sub contractors, I simply glanced all over and as soon as I was having a thought of snapping, he called me"Hey, you should see what we are doing if you wanna learn~". Oh, I was kindled and forgotten about the picture shooting thing.

Up until now, I'd followed three men up to the site. Sub cons 'Chan', Site Manager, and Archi Coordinator. Among them, I dislike following the Sub cons the most. Now that I have an idea to reject those all sub con's invitation by simply saying busy on office's work since I'm not working under them anyway =) In fact, I should be above them XD I'm the main contractor people.

About my interest about being a contractor, I text-ed my friend concerning this matter yesterday and he strongly believed that my current career path is not suitable for me. Well, I agree but I don't know about the future although present seems so clear yet so blur. Perhaps, it was due to me not governed by tasks or works. When one got work to do, he can flies time easier right?

Ok, that's for today^^ Nothing much yet nothing less =)

Learned/Refreshed: Plan-Dimension Check

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weihao said...

bt you already half of no where.. wish luck in your future den..:)

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