New face, new hope, new disappointment

Pouring Cement
Lifting and soon be tossedXD

--------------------Above are nonsense pictures--------------------

I planned to be late today but the public transport gets me earlier than I expected XD

We got a new face today and I was glad to think that me having a companion to spam time. To my disappointment, he is an experienced worker with 4 years experience and 5 years older than me. He came to work as MnE specialist unlike me being a merely wanderer in site. As I reached, he was studying the plan like what I did in the first day. Soon, I found he is a Hokkien who speaks like one. Somehow, I still talk to him using English and I got his lunch ride =P Still...

Haiz... When we have hope, we have disappointment. Oh I mean the uncertain hope that we gave to ourselves.

All in all, I remained the youngest in office. Note that being the youngest is nothing like being the one been looked over. Although it is a fact that I got least task to handle of, or I should say nothing to handle of, life is never interesting =.= I heard one of my friend is working hard like a bull. He has his schedule on everyday until the day he actually finished his internship. That is kind of 'strict' for his company~ Thus in contrast, we are in different continents of the world. Yet I thing I could be certain is, he could learn a lot XD

Often when we mind of people's business, we tend to stress ourselves. Agree? Therefore, some people would say 'why need bother?'. Well to be frank enough, I am quiet a busybody and this is my nature =P Maybe you can call me a 'vacuum box' that I got list of people who trust me enough to store their expression within. And sometimes, the information just went missing. Meaning by instead of overflowing, it vanishes. Safe enough huh~ 100% leak-proved! And recently, I got a case and it is a Big business!

Eh? This is not what a civil engineer do isn't it? Haha, who cares~
But for the sake of stress-free, I shall start learning to be less busybody =P Be more selfish XD
Be fishmonger~

Back to main topic. The safety&health officer gave me hand lotion to apply. Hehe... He says "We must keep ourselves clean, blah blah blah..." Alright, but I hope I can receive this kind of treatment everyday^^

My whole day in the office was playing FB and streaming drama. Currently, I'm downloading an Online Game to roll on =P Bored....

Learned/Refreshed: Nil

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