One paper down

Today's paper, fluid mechanic.

Okay la~
But I never expected it would be that tough.

When my friends and I were going through the pass year papers,
we found fluid mechanic paper is getting tougher and tougher each semester.
Thus, we thought that the difficulty might be decreasing this time.

Really really unlucky for us the civil engineering student this semester.
This semester paper is found to be the toughest paper among all the past.
Lot questions are not seen before.
Even some seems similar to what we usually practice but actually they are not.
Haiz~(Pandainya dia putar belit)

Another thing is that this paper is open book.
Meaning we can bring in references for the exam.
Well, there's no free lunch in this world.
As consequences, the paper are tougher.
Don't even think can copy solutions from reference materials.
This lecturer is very super duper tricky.
Don't be fooled by his 'gong gong' look!

The mechanical engineering students are so fortunate.
Their fluid paper this semester are totally a copy from the pass years and tutorials.

I' not sure if I'll lose lot marks.
But still I'm hoping that they will decrease the grade rate for each grade.
Or the lecturer had a BIG BIG mercy on us.
Until now, our coursework marks are not keyed in yet.
Better let him marks our papers before hand-in our coursework marks.
(As if he'll modify our marks after seeing lot 'sad faces'...Haha)

Decrease grade rate + Increase coursework marks = All we wanted!!

Fluid Mechanic,
the study of fluid flow...
Marks also flow~~~

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