Stylish hair

My siblings have been asking me to cut my hair.
But I don't feel like to do so.

As you see,
during our primary and secondary school time,
we are not allowed to do keep our hair as long as that.
Upon breaking the rule,
beside owning 'markah' penalty,
discipline teachers will uglify our hair.
I don't understand why they set this rule.
As if longer hair can affects studies.

Even in the future when I'm in working.
I don't think I'll have the chance to do that too.
As I'm not into entertainment field.
For the boss will nag:
Work in office 'ta pan leng leng' for what?
Wanna gain 'spot light' ah?
(Actually he's just worrying his male employees would 'kaw' his 'loi')
Haiz~What to do?
Facing the boss is even worst than facing the discipline teachers.

Thus, this is the only period I can keep my hair long long.
Making style out of my hair as I wanted.
These are the pictures from a simply hair blow after bath.

No gel no clay no wax,
And they can stand for half a day. Cool~

People always say I'm thin.
But I actually eat a lot.
I've no idea where are the nutrients disappearing to.
Any tips to help me gain weight and size?

1 comment:

irene said...

lemme transfer my fats to u

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