The Missing Tree

Some of you might heard in advance that I'm performing for the coming UTAR Ball^^ Well, this is KhaiShen's idea that he actually called up the band. In fact, the instrument combination is pretty weird XD Thus I said that we could create a history in music^^

Basically, we had our first practice in Susan's place today. The practice was great especially the part when I synchronized with Peter then KhaiShen. We make lot amendments into the original idea, which I think the outcome should be copyrighted^^ Gosh! I feel like playing it now!!

Nevertheless, we have not finished the entire piece where the next practice shall again take place in same venue. MeiSze really helped us a lot in this. She should be credited^^

I'm not revealing the instrument combination now but I can promised that once our music is done, I can make you a record XD Haha~


weihao said...

I'm excited about it!!When wanna show me?haha

Aries said...

Hi I am one of your follower. I like reading your post. I have an award for you. Come pick it up from my blog. Have a nice day and good luck in your performance.

leo7_lion said...

Thx aries^^ I will update about it later coz currently quite busy >< sorry

9PEK9BO said...

Let me know when you have uploaded it on Youtube..ok? Looking forward to it.

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