Mister Potato Fiesta

This post is to share my personal experience about Mister Potato Fiesta. First impact upon invitation, Gosh! I never thought it would be me!

Well, this fiesta can be addressed as a ceremony too. In fact, among 100 participants, 2 will definitely walk away with RM5000 cash, another 2 with RM3000 cash, another 2 with RM2000 cash and 1 with RM1500 cash. A total of 7/100 will win these crazy prizes for their efforts in blogging and Online Mister Potato Game. Why is Mister Potato that rich?!

(Towards some readers from oversea, RM5000 may seems a small fry but absolutely not for me for I could be greatly pleased even by that least amount. Pity huh? XD Hahaha~)

The truth is, I foreseed that the prizes are not for me but I just want to experience 'blogoshpere'. I wonder how a blogger would react upon events like this. Snap like a reporter? Talk like a celebrity? I'm getting anxious when time approaches the corner.

And the day finally come...
We met an Indian Guy who demanded RM10 as our parking fee. According to him, this whole streets is belong to Mist Club, where the fiesta is held. I guess Mist Club must be really wealthy to own the street =)
This is how Mist Club looks like, an 80's-designed structure hidden somewhere in Bangsar and thus I've successfully found it as the place where my brother doesn't familiar with^^ although he does travels all corners of Bangsar for his work.
Everyone were waiting patiently. Perhaps, we made ourselves too earlier~^^ By the way, I saw Zach and Robb but I guess they do not recognize me since we just know each other via MSN (Zach). As my sprained ankle had made me inconvenience, I forgo this chance of meeting halfheartedly. Haiz...
Meanwhile, the event planners gave us this hat. Someone said I looked like a china man wearing this. That pitiful look of mine is probably due to the pain XD Haha~
This is my brother in disguise. I should have let him join the game for I think his disguise does stand a chance XD For information, the game mainly focus on perfect Mister Potato disguising.
Then, Fiesta soon started with a game, dancing Mister Potato! The one who can dances the best wins a prize. Initially, all of them were asked to imitate a funny dance. Somehow, they managed to change it into something more interesting =D I can never dance like them in front of my friends XD Hahaha~
In the middle of the Fiesta, a local rock band came out to rock! Too bad they forgot to bring their CD's to promote =P
Here is the moment where everyone has been waiting for... Prize giving ceremony~ I wish I could be among them standing on the stage XS

Anyway, the dinner is brilliant. That previous RM10 is definitely worth for exploring^^
I hope my foot can recover faster T.T

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Angel said...

Hey, hope ur feet is better by now.. :) Hopefully better luck next time huh?

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