Twelve Days left

Everyday is not the same day. This is what I believe now =) Frankly speaking... When I started to count those days left for my internship, I felt reluctant to leave anymore. Simply not because I have not finished my work, not because I have not done my report, but to say goodbye is difficult.

Perhaps, I have been treating them as elder brothers instead of supervisors. Will one ever pat his/her supervisor's shoulder shouting "Apalah lu~"? or will else supervisors claim an internship student as their "Kai Tai"?

I don't really do my job well here as an engineer for I can never be as occupied as any of them. I play online games while they are working, I watch dramas etc... Somehow, I'm willing to offer the sense of belonging by simply greetings and smiles.

My foot is yet to recovered but I'm in my office already. I've been offered an extra day off but I declined for twelve days is indeed short for me to be with them. Upon entering site today, I saw my brother, Alan is sick but I'm not afraid of being infected=P The Site Engineer cut his mustaches and I laughed at him XD

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