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KhaiShen came up with an idea that me, PeterSoo and him forming a band and our first performance drops at UTAR ball in the month of March.

Band... I ponder
Haha, I guess this kind of experience is worthwhile~

Anyway, this will be my first time rocking at the platform =P I have several experiences of being part of orchestra but that makes me feel dead, unmovable and sleepy. I urged for burning flames!

About the name of our band, SliverFlame! What do you think? It obliterates evil and corruption. By they way, this logo is just as a surrogate from the other website. When the name is decided, definitely I can design another one =D Meanwhile, I've even think of the nicknames for each player.

-Yesterday is a memory-
It is the source of strength for days ahead
-Today is a gift-
It is the challenge for one to strive
-Tomorrow is a hope-
It is the opportunity for vision of life

Looks like I'm into it already =D

I'm not going to reveal the instruments used by each player but I can guarantee that, no one had ever seen this combination before. It might create a history for our university, UTAR^^

The music composed is entitled 'Red Carpet'. It is the beginning for SilverFlame and people decide if they should continue walking the on street XD


Më| §zë said...

i'm so jealous...
i want to be in a band too...!!!

good luck!!

you have two great musicians, three, including you...

leo7_lion said...

Why 2 then only 3? =.= sound like 'ming kiong' me become the third musician. Hahaha

Life Experience Degree said...

Nice Posting....

Më| §zë said...

i haven't heard you play yet ma...
but should be good ma, cos khai shen choose you to perform...

Red Devil said...

yeah.. lian wei, u can de.. haha!! and we will have to start working on the song asap!!!

leo7_lion said...

right, next week^^ I jz hope my leg faster recover ><

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