Starting of Paper Work

Outside was extremely noisy where I could heard the sound of steel hitting and concrete vibrating through the walls. In fact, I was curious yet I was lazy to get up from my comfortable plastic chair. I was expecting nothing today and I hope 5pm could come quickly.

Then, Archi Coordinator came to check my work again and luckily, I'd just finished my game and was revising my Japanese. He saw and started to speak something that I don't understand. I asked "What are you talking?" He replied "I'm speaking Japanese~"

Inside, I said to myself, Oh no! I'm embarrassing myself in front of expert!
"So what are you talking about?"
"I don't know, I simply mumble " He said. I was so stunned.
"Why do you learn Japanese? You want to marry a Japanese or work in Japan?"
"I just learn for fun..."
"You have a Japanese look... You certainly can work in Japan"
"Am I? Haha..."

Next, the site manager finally gave me some task to handle of. I got paper work! It is about the reports of cube test done throughout the whole construction progress and I were to analyze them. Yes! I like this kind of job where it involves mostly management and some brain-work. Eventhough it is easy but at least it is still harder than ABC.

Tonnes of Paperwork
Right in front my laptop XD

Learned/Refreshed: Cube Test and Reports

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