Woking Diary in One Utama

I wander if I'll be given a chance to work in-house. Working at the same venue is very boring. Anyway I'm going to stop just like Irene when school reopen I suppose... Not sure yet.

Before this, I was told that there are 2 top-sellers as my competitors in One Utama and I was excited to face the challenge. Anyhow I think I might learn something from them.

But to my disappointment, they nothing more than a service providers which:
1. Customer come "I want to know about this, "
2. They "Oh, this..."
3. Pack and give

Why they can be TOP-sellers?
This is PJ where people are so influence by advertisements. 98% of the customers were influenced to choose their products. What more they don't even have a glance on the other brands. Like I mentioned above, they're just stock keepers. 100% no promoting skill is needed. Whoever stands there also can be top-seller.

Whereas, we as the 'minor'... So pity. Watching customers approaching them without even having a thought of stopping by our side. Ish!!

Let me tell you 1 secret which I heard from seniors, Canon is now having a serious threat which their new models LED screen are having life-spend. Guarantee spoil in 2 years time.

This is one of the promoters who was so called 'Top-seller'. The another one came by a day before but I forgot to snap his picture. Both of them are very actsi(Action), they never expect us to sell even one during my 2 days working here.

This girl is the promoter for another brand. She was too bothered by them. She haven't been selling a single piece for a week time.

We ate McD for dinner. So far, the 'we' that I kept referring to is the girl mentioned above. We are more sociable to each other than those 2 idiots.
McChicken, getting worse nowadays. =.=

Anyway, for those 2 days that I worked on. I've made both idiot 'Top-sellers' eye redden. Hah, laughing when I think about it. I bet this is their first time witnessing what mean by TRUE promoting. In the first day, I sold off 2 pieces. Both customers were passby customers. Before that idiot's(1st) eyes, I get customers into attention from none and made them serving my camera^^ He also witnessed how I changed the favour of customers for a camera which I've no commission on to a camera which I have and bought it. Hah! I admit that I'm proud here because I'm overjoy now. Excuse me =P Now second day. In fact, all pictures were taken in the second day. Initially, I thought I'll not have the chance to sold off even a single piece as no customer would pass by my counter. That idiot(2nd) was laughing and boasting himself through acts. Finally 2 hours before the Mall close, 2 customers came to see me. Gosh, they were my earlier customer that I served a month before. They said they have been searching for me for long. They wanted to let me have the commission. That was funny. That idiot was shocked to hear that. Lesson learnt: There is no harm for treating people good.

All in all, 4 camera was sold in this two days. 2 S210, 1 R7 and 1 D60 kit. And another lesson learnt: You may have talent, but if there is no chance given, you're equal to nothing. I believe that it was God who gave me these chances. Thank God^^

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