Best Christmas Decoration at One Utama

This is Grand. I'd never image that they would come out with such a pleasant idea which is by using Poker as their designing theme. Compared to Mid Valley, hah~Like Heaven and Earth. Still, it would be better if they prepare free gifts, don't you think? Haha.
As the theme is poker, they are doing Alice's Wonderland. Cool isn't it? Green maze and Poker trail. Suddenly I feel like I'm in the movie.
Well just in case you get lost in the maze, there are always vendors to help you out AFTER you buy their stuff~
Even there isn't a show on, we would still love to hang around in the middle of this Wonderland for a picture. Where are the Poker soldiers? Right, we stepped on it.
Just mind that this huge object is always above our head. If Phantom of the Opera were to drop this, we're doom. Talking about decoration, I heard One Utama is the best among all Shopping Malls. Mid Valley is the worst and funniest.
When you feel like amazing, come One Utama. Likewise, when you feel like laughing, come Mid Valley. Hahahha
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