Mid Valley Christmas

When I was strolling for dinner in Mid Valley
I saw the crowd
Guess what's happening?

Spider Web


Big Christmas Tree

Fei Poh Taking Picture
I hope no reader would knows about her and tell her that I mocked her =P

The performers are dancing on the stage wearing weird clothing. This world is going upside down =.= In 10 years time, there will be people wearing like them on the streets.

Anyway, this is when the show is done
Funny isn't it?


niar said...

dear Elendil,
I dont know how often you spend the time to make new posting.But it's great, I am salute of you.
Christmas almost come and everything doing preparation to welcome this. It's really make the world today nice, delight, and full of lights..
nice moments..

Jason Law said...

There are plenty of events even Christmas hasn't arrived. Great ! It makes the city alive ^^

leo7_lion said...

to niar>

Haha, just few hours but I'm trying to put in every memories of my days.

leo7_lion said...

to Jason Law>

Indeed it great but it will be better if they give out present isn't it? hahaha

longge said...

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