Nikon Coolpix S210

Before I start, do you know that currently I'm working as a part-time camera promoter? No? It's never too late to know now^^ Cameras that I currently stay in touch with are SLR cameras, semiPro cameras, compact cameras and video cameras.

Today, I will be talking about this camera.
S210, a top hit camera for ladies as it was designed to be slim, light and easy to carry. For your information, every camera nowadays has the functions face detection, night portrait, anti-shake etc. Thus, it's alright to think only about the design and price when you're trying to buy a normal camera.

Well, this camera has a feature of:
8 Megapixels
2.5 LCD screen
3x optical zoom
Iso 2000

Normally, Iso with 400 is more than enough for a shady place. Many customer asked us about the differences between Canon and Nikon. Here is the answer. You get a cheaper price for Nikon under same quality of camera with Canon. Why? Canon is having various expensive advertisements and in order to cover those expenses, prices of cameras increased.

Anyway, this camera is usually sold at RM700+. But certainly I can get you the prize as listed above with some free gifts^^ Wow, I never thought I would actually promote cameras here. Well since I've talk about it, e-mail me for more information if you're interested
[Only for West Malaysian =P Don't angry~]

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