Part Time while Studying

I never expect that I'll work again today since my class had been starting a week ago. Initially, my plan was to go out with friends shopping for new year clothes. Suddenly, my boss called up and I have no idea how to decline her...Sweat! 'No' isn't that hard to say isn't it? But I just can't that way... roll my eye

Anyway, the shopping plan was still on and sad to say that I abandoned my friends. Maybe I can treat them a meal in return.

Taking a part-time while studying is not like having a hard time but it is somehow irritating. I have to deal with my friends at the same time my boss. Besides, I have to work my timetable in a right way.

One thing I dislike about my current working place is STRICT RULES. Some rules are just stupid and old-tradition. Certainly not my style isn't it. Thus, this is why I'm trying to get myself out and to a better working place which is in-house. Let myself be my own ruler.

The only way to succeed my aim is to promote somethings which normally hard to be sold and sell it. Ricoh that is... Maybe some of you might not know that this brand comes with camera and they are fantastic cameras. Looking for a better camera with good performance and quality? Model R8 and above...

Today, I sold 2 R7 which are much cheaper than R8 however recommended for economic used that it has good performance. You should try them.

Below are the pictures I took while I'm on my way back to Taman Melati. Lot people isn't it? I always wish that I have a place to sit.
I secretly snapped them. Who knows one day they might be stars? Lol... Joking~

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LIZZIE said...

Hahaha.. Or if they found out you snapped them secretly, they hound you and sue you! Aiyak! Lucky I not one of them.. :P

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