Preparation Day

I did nothing today. Initially, the Site Manager wants to bind me with some troublesome tasks but the alternative printer couldn't operate and thus I conclude that I was destined to be free =P

Guess what I did then?

I collected used papers to make something remarkable and indeed they prove themselves something useful. In fact, nothing in this world is useless. It is the matter of how are we going to manipulate them.
These boxes are made out of plain papers without any tapes or bullets. Want to know how I made it? Hehe^^ Basically, they are of 5 pieces of A4 each. They need a little folding and some clinging. What do you think? Nice? Maybe I should draw some style on it^^
Actually, I'm planning to present my gifts with this handmade box. It tells that I do cherish the birthday person with my effort, don't you think? Too romantic enough huh? Haha~ Okay, this is not all that I've made but I'm not going to write about them here =P Who knows the birthday person is going to read my blog XD

All in all, my today is a preparation day for the birthday person =P

Next, I got free fried bananas for purchasing NasiLemak. Yum~

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