Singapore Trip - Get there by KTM

This is 23th Dec, our first day to Singapore. We gathered at KL central to get their KTM. According to my friends, it was the fastest way to get us there.

Why are we here? Well, this was before the ride.

We had our breakfast in McDonald and it was fully packed. Luckily the service was fast enough to comfort us a little. We thought we were late for the ride. However, we depart 1 hour later than the estimated departure time =.= This is Malaysia... [RM66 two ways train]

These are the members who join this trip. We are not filming Final Destination so you don't have to find clues of XX in our photos~ Lol...

The worst journey of our life. Late Late Late~ 1+ hour of train waiting and 8+ hours of seat sitting under the train speed of 50km/h. Ah, I talk nonsense that in fact I don't know the real speed. Ish! Waste my life!

What is she doing? I don't know. In fact, this picture was taken by someone else. By the way, they are couple. Oh, not married yet~

The train kept on shaking while traveling. Uglify my writing =.= thus I took another card upon reaching.

We had our lunch in the train. The foods were expensive and tasted like shit.

This is how the 'canteen' looks like. Personally I prefer the seats here which are much wider and are accompanied by tables for hand landing.

This is where they prepare their foods. Types of food are always limited.

You know what? I actually bargained for this nasi lemak. Lol... Saved up RM0.50 =)

Just like AirAsia. They have GROUNDattendants. The one in blue(left) sells stuffs and the one in pink(right) collects rubbishes.

KTM toilet. Exactly like AirAsia, except for the waste are thrown down to the track... Ier~

Everyone were bored to sleep in the train after lunch and waited for 8 hours to pass SlOooowly~

She was so pity to sit alone. No choice, 9 people on ride thus one has to sacrifice =P Alas, seats is nothing to matter about...

This is the another couple in our trip. I was asleep too initially, but the shook of the train woke me up to remind me of taking their sleeping pose into picture.

KTM maintenance is very bad. Make us mad~

My friends were right. Going to Singapore by bus during this peak season wasn't a good idea at all.

Now we're entering Singapore but before that, we have to get out of the train...

Queue up and get ready to be stemmed. Poack! If someone were to forget to bring along their passports, we'll have a good show to watch.

Take a snap! Finally we can stretched a bit.

These are the nine members that I'd mentioned including me myself.

The ride has not ended yet. We still has 2 hours to go =.=

Night Safari
Finally, we arrived. After settling our stuffs at the Hostel. We went Night Safari which is also the Singapore Zoo. Sky was dark... Night spirits were smiling~

One day 3 meals and this is our first day third meal venue. The Zoo...

Yup! Zoo...but we not here for the meat of Lions and Tigers.

Although everyone were thirsting for it. We are big eaters.

These cows are fake, just models for decoration. In case you thought they were real =)

Enough nonsense, we're entering the last restaurant stand which the others were closing as the day went dark.

Ben & Jerry is the name but no one inside was named neither Ben nor Jerry.

What do you think about Singaporean Food? Well actually, they were not as bad as what we were told. In fact, they are delicious.

What do you think? Tempting? Right~

As you can see, darkness is coming we are still eating without minding the time. As a return, we missed two shows in Night Safari. Ish! Stupid...

This is their decoration. I bet we Malaysian can do better if our Zoo is belongs to any Private Association.

Alas, they used fire as lights along the street which definitely helps to burn our oxygen!

Talking about Safari, we came not to see the animal but to let the animal see us.

Why? Darkness surrounds us~ Indeed this place was packed. Luckily no one sweat. Imagine Pack + Stink = Death.

Picture again but this time an unknown fellow was in our picture.

Up on the tram, noise is a must. Everyone was excited especially kids.

You're lucky. No one snapped along the trail since flashlight was forbidden but my Handycam has nightshot function. Thus you can get to see some animals in my post =)

King of Jungle = King of Safari Prison

This is flying squirrel. They are extremely fat! Can they really fly? It's hard to believe.

Bats. They hang upside down and shit while they fly.

And one of us got the headshot. Shit shot from the bats. Lol =)

We did not ride the tram all the time. We walked too. This is the reason why we missed 2 shows in night safari =.=

Being late from walk is a matter, spending time in toilet causes more late.

Here is the place for dinning if you want to dine after animal visiting.

What is she doing? Counting Money Lol...

We asked a passerby to snap a photo of us together with the scenary but... Sweat =.=

Have any idea of what's this? It was actually built up by empty bottles. Wonderful huh~

If you can see clearly, the kids were making noise by hitting Gongs. Irritating lol =)

Get a final shot and we are now ready for our supper.

Oh before that, there was a photo for sold area in the safari where picture of us was taken without our permission. Ish!

These place is perfect for supper. Not really expensive if we don't mind sharing plates.

So how did we get there? Well...

A van drove us there. I hate to hold the camera as my image will never get into pictures!! Ish!

Lot people comment that my blog is full of foods. Right, food are my favourite ^^ Thanks for commenting~ Muack!

This place sell cigerate too. I hate cigerate =(



Jason Law said...

Hahah~welcome back ^_^~

You should have enjoyed your trip a lot, it reminds me of my frens who are studying aboard now..

Jason Law said...

oh yea, how did you shoot the green pictures?

leo7_lion said...

It was the effect of night shot^^

amoi said...

never been day hope so...:)

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