Singapore Trip - The Beginning

[23th - 26th Dec]

I've just came back from Singapore with my gang of friends. Somehow feel very tired after 8 hours of train ride. This is the opening of my trip post and allow me to continue tomorrow morning @.@ Very sleepy now Zzzz....

What is this? This is the sand castle built by me alone in Sentosa Beach~ Great isn't it? Lol... I did not build it as I felt like building it, it was because of my friends saying that it was impossible to build up a sand castle on a beach thus I was challenging them.

I built it without using a single drop of sea water and I prove that things are possible when we want it to be...



niar said...

hi Elendil,
nice to see you travelling pict again. I never go to the Singapore, although it quite near from Indonesia. Hope oneday I can go there.
Anyway, I am sorry for can not visit you for a long time, I have been moving to the Jakarta

niar said...

ps. the Ice cream seems so stunning and delicious..
I really miss eat ice cream

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