Napped during Meeting

Finally, I realized that internship can be really interesting for there is indeed much to learn with the condition of we must be extremely busybody XD

In the morning, I requested to be an observer of a meeting with our client today. This meeting involves individual such like the client, developer, architect, consultants and other contractors. It was a splendid experience to witnessed how the client interacts. In fact, he threw his anger plus complains against my speechless project manager =.= Then I accidentally napped in the middle of the everything and I think the client did realize it as I was just sitting right opposite of him =P But I smile to him then. The Architect talks a lot. =.=

After that meeting, the site manager took me as his personal assistance due to my 'busybody'ness. His task was easy but troublesome as I need to acquire site information everyday to be compiled as a diary. Note the picture above? That's part of my job to stamp the plans. It is boring but at least I got something to do. However, I lost my chance of applying break for every Saturday T.T

Next, I learned that my company is actually not the main contractor although it was clearly states as we are. In truth, we are the management team that should not lay a finger on anything but just to supervise the main contractor =P So much easier than I thought XD
Guys, do you know what's a 'Mockup' area in construction? It is a place where this pitiful unit become a specimen for the contractor to test their plan designs. The person who purchase this unit is lucky for its design is special yet unlucky for the design could be a rejected one.

Learned/Refreshed: Duty of Site Manager/ Mockup Planning

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niar said...

Hi leo, nice to visit you again...
enjoy working world and your internship..

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