Fluid 2 Assignment

Initially, I was a little worry for this assignment as I heard that the lecturer in charged can easily find mistakes in our work. Thus during our presentation, he was presumed to question any flaw points in our handout. This certainly means that, we are obliged to know what have we done.

(One thing to declare here is that, his term of presentation is not formal presentation. It was like an interview where he questions, we answer. No further introduction of our projects is needed.)
Upon reaching, I knocked and addressed him but he said nothing. As usual, he has to search for our handwork before his 'complaining'. Meanwhile, I started a conversion about his life to get rid of those tension feelings. This is also one of the ways that I tackle old people that he would joyously received and replied very concern wording that I offered XD

Until the time he found our project, we were already in one piece. Environment changed. He smiled to us and of course we do the same. Together with me, there were HanJian and JooYen. He said, "your handout is very good"

Pardon me?...

"Yea, I mean I can hardly find flaw in your handwork."

Then he began to flip through the pages and we were astonished by his work.

This is not right. Is our presentation just going to end like this?

Then we quickly turned over the table and presented our way. We presented him graphs with explanation, and he careful placed his eye on them. This feels great XD

"You've done a good job among other groups, you've even prepared me comparisons on different solutions."

Oh, we actually did it just to thicken the handout =P

"Since you had prepared me more than what I'd asked, we'll can now talk about 'skin friction', which you prepared as an additional product of your work."

Oops... We did too much~

After series of talks, he then entered another section which is asking about 'triangular mesh'.

What are those?! Doctor, did you mentioned this during other group presentation as well?

"Oh yes, I just tell them about this but as for you guys, I'm out of question so I just dug this to ask you instead."

Swt, we have no idea what is this 'triangular' thing...

So another series of talks took place and thus in the day of the day, our two questions were "Skin friction" and "Triangular mesh". Totally nothing to do with our assignment =.=

"Well, from what I can see here is that your handout is indeed a prefect piece."

Waw! Thanks for the compliment! Hip hip Horray!~
-today's news-
I trembled a lot today and my feel ache just right at the part where my liver is. I left my slippers at school too when I actually changed them for shoes for presentation.

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