Levi's Diary

This is just an event job for Raya, don't expect much.
Basically, this was where I work.

Actually, I'm not allowed to take photograph, (Haha)
I just secretly took them.

Have a look at the jeans behind,
All expensive stuff. (Haha)
If I were to win the boss's heart maybe I can get one of those for myself^^

Someone coming, gotta work!~
Raya is kinda busy season.
Customer inflow is always more than outflow since early morning.
But when it comes to Buka Puasa time,
all customers wll just disappeared for dinner.
Love it! Finally get to rest~
Camera time.

Promoting Levi's couple T, (female and male)

Promoting Levi's Gay T...(male & male)Haha,just kidding...

Levi's main products are jeans but their also serve T...
Many versions on the same design can be found just like what had shown above.
But some design really one kind.

This is my cousin.
We work together in that shop.

She's a good help in spamming time while there was no customer.
Chit chat, or do something stupid lar~

We exchanged our slippers after hours of standing. Feet pain!

Do you know what's these?
This is actually a system whereby we could recognized customer's order.
As I mentioned before, this Levi's store provides cutting and pasting services.
These services are time consuming,
so we would asked the customer to collect their items about half an hour later.

My job includes serving the customers,
and COunting Money earned.
Haha, I really gained the boss's thrust.
*don't jealous

Lastly, when the shop was about to close late at night.
I quickly grabbed one T,
test wearing just for fun. Memory mar~
The T that I grabbed,

Aiya...can't take the design of the T properly, changing room to small.
Haha.. Second shot!

Still the same...


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