Animals Lover vol.1

Ya right,
We went shopping at Ikano after KP.
It was actually for the purpose of buying pet food for my fat rabbit.
But there was a promotion of something,
I'm not sure what it was,
They sold,

Of course they were not selling only this.
This was just one of the most meaningful items offered.
I can't take any picture of the scene as my phone just suddenly
broke down. Bad Luck~
These pictures were taken using my video cam after we returned home.

Ok! Back to story,
Before I brought Fatty,
My elder sis hated animals especially cats.
Maybe Fatty just changed her point of view.
She's now a super animal lover and she supports activities that safe the animals.

After a long talk,
Conclusion: That car sticker belongs to her. =P

1 comment:

Cyren Z. Wong said...


Hahaha your sister is awesome then! You should introduce us or something. I'm in the beginnings of forming an environmental/animal rights group that caters for youth and stuff, but I still need more members and such such.

Peace Out

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