Environmental Science Yawn~

We are to submit our Environmental Science Assignment at this Friday (20/3/2009) but my group members are still wondering what to do without laying our little fingers on keyboard. Steady huh? Swt~ I always want to finish my task fast but it seems like me unable to do it without any direction. Stupid me...
Anyway the test yesterday was a disaster, we have been tricked by both tutor and lecturers! They gave us tips for the test and yet they switched the test paper. I bet I'm going to get extremely low mark for this test.

Can I retrieve those lost mark through assignment done? I don't think so with my group doing what they are doing now. What is 'perfect' to me? Perfect is my target and my goal. However, what is even 'excellent' to them?

The number of real life friends reading my blog nowadays has increased. Nevertheless, I will not change my style of posting which is to express directly from my heart. Isn't 'letting people know the truth instead of hiding it' better? Friends are our mirror which enlighten us of our mistakes. I'm holding this concept but for those who cannot take it, I don't mind you telling me. In fact, I don't mind changing this style of posting but too bad that you don't want to accept the truth.

Everyone has complains in their heart, but whether to voice out or not is the key. If problems were to be revealed, they can be solved. Likewise, if problems remain hidden, they can never be known and be solved. Thus, you will suffer alone.

Why the world nowadays covered with lies? Because everyone thinks that to reveal their complains is to lose their impression to others. Selfish thoughts... Isn't it? This is why kids has not stress and always happy because within them have no lies unlike adults who think that they are smart enough to take care of 'relationship'. Does man really grows up or grows down?

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