Pendidikan Moral Presentation

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my site! As stated above, I was having a presentation today and I'm here now for story telling... It took us by surprise when the lecturer suddenly picked us to be the first presenter. Yet, I'm pretty sure everyone was shocked to witness our forum. Yes, this is what the lecturer is looking for! FORUM!! Before that, every group was doing slide presentation without knowing what is forum like. After that, every group was nervous and trying their best to change their presentation style from slide presentation to forum. Whahahaha... We bring disaster to them.
After our forum presentation, we went back to our seat to enjoy what others trying to present. The second group was okay but it's kinda obvious that they did changed their format ^^ The third group was "kelam-kabut" (In Chaos). The fourth and the fifth did okay as well.
KokYong, Yachie and MahSerene
YeeLin and Me
Am I crazy on blogging? Maybe... Readers always comment that I post too fast =P Haha... I was just trying to be like GorgeousOl'Eve who sometimes post faster than me ^^v Don't worry guys, I do categorize my posts while updating. You can click on the bunny picture on your right to check it out!
Back to main topic, these are my presentation group members. I'm blocking someone's face =P
This is the third group which I'd mentioned that they were in chaos. This fellow over here simply spoke somethings of out topic and they were in other languages.
By the way, YeeLin says that he forgot to zip his pant. Ier~ Embarrassing... Haha
Okay, I'm finished here and I hope you enjoy yourself under the rainbow there^^b
This is our lunch of celebration. McDonald at RM5.95 excluding tax.


Dezmond said...

gosh.. I miss class presentations~

[~*Erlina~*] said...

forum abt wat neh?

leo7_lion said...

It's about Wajarkah Sek Bebas? Lol

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