First day working+Sore Throat

Wake up morning still OK.
But when wanna start posting blog.
Sore throat pula...

Why ar?
Is it because of drinking water before brushing teeth or
straight after brushing teeth?
I drank in both situations just now.
Without brushing, the water was so so undrinkable.
After brushing, the water tasted like mint.
Yea yea, water is tasteless.
Only where inside our mouth has the taste+smell.

After working for whole day, my sore throat went worse.
The virus or bacterias or dono what's that, was building its base and started conquering. I'm losing...

You see, Levi's store is like...
Not only selling goods but
also do some cutting and pasting.
Tiny particles will just filled the air
where naked eye is hard to notice.
And these cute little culprits
fertilize the 'land' for the sore-throat soldiers.

Now I smell something burning,
Dono which idiot simply open burning.
Or something happen really to me?!
A smell from somewhere where the fire never stop?!
Just kidding.

I'm sick T.T...

Indeed, being healthy is always better than being sick


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