How to get Discount for Work

Today is a Big Day of my life! The main reason is that "I've successfully requested Off for every Saturday of my training!" Thank God!!! In fact, it is usually a six days work for a civil engineer trainee to be on site. Apparently, I got a discount for that^^

Here is my procedure for the discount... Applies only for internship students I suppose~

1) First, I woke up extremely early. Em... Not that early, just presuming that I'll reach to site earlier than the project manager, who handle the whole project. This would make him feel like 'Wow, this person is more than being punctual.' Giving him a good impression is very important =)

2) Prepared myself to speak up. This was the hardest part for I have to be tremendously accurate for the time range when no one else is around to bother our conversation except for the project manager himself.

3) Next, I have to be awfully brave for the request. Starting the first word "Sir..." is hard, but as soon as I threw my tongue, it became smoother then. He rejected initially but I reasoned with him until finally, I got it! YES!!

Okay, this is my morning note^^ Currently 8.35a.m - Thursday
I will update my post again~

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