Never Regret

This is a comment I wrote for my friend and somehow I think that it is worth sharing here^^

No matter what path you take
It is important not to regret
Although it might seems wrong in the future
But we realize that we cannot change the pass
So it is not worth regretting over what we had done but instead
We should strive forward for future

I think this is practical. Many times we have grieves over our efforts when we put in our whole-heart yet no result is seems to grow. But never regret over what we had done as it apparently brings no benefits but lagging your foot steps instead. We are not alone. There is always someone whom we might not realize that cares for us.

^^v Peace~


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

like what you wrote to your friend :) Encouraging

leo7_lion said...

Thanks Weiqi^^

I hope I do help them in anyway that I could^^

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