I love to crap

Here comes my tennis slices!
But I broke my string due to non-stop slices
=.= Haiz =.=

The point is...
I just changed the string 3 months ago
and now I got no where to go~
The Sport Carnival is at the corner
and I will be cry at the corner
Just kidding~
Martin promised me that he will restring for me
But it's not free~
I will have to pay but how much will it be?

Life is still as busy as ABC
(Already Become Crazy)
Assignments, Tests, Lab Reports,
Sports Competition and Bridge Competition

Let see what had I done?
Oh~ None!!!!Argh!!

Shun Tou Kui Tao Zi Yun Zek (Cantonese)
-Direct Translation to English-
"The ship will automatically sail straight when it reaches the port"
"No worry and be happy" XD

Who am I?
I'm your Oxygen, Kekekeke~

1 comment:

Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

wow u can play tennis also? so talented

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