Money place

went to place and study, and I get paid. Guess where was I?


I think you guess it wrongly~
Actually, I went to work yesterday and it was a part-time, Part-Time!!! =)
The fact is, my boss called me but I got a school to attend.

I was scratching my head...
Money or Study?
In the end, I chose money.

Nevertheless, the day was as bored as ABC
"Apa Boleh Cakap?" (What can I say?)
I got nothing to spam there!

I was 'wise' enough to bring along my text book to study
"Fluid Mechanic"
All about water...

Study is just a 'saying' for later session
My first 2 hours were for sleeping
I mean I really slept!

Then I woke up,
I read novel "Twilight"
The book is so thick!
One year is not enough to burn the whole thing into my head

This is how I wasted my today
And Martin invited me for tennis tomorrow
Looking forward to it =)

Before I end,
I would like to share you a nice video from WeiHao^^


Anonymous said...

money is important..
but study can lead to more money..
the decision is yours =D

leo7_lion said...

I guess so =) Thanks Kenwooi

9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Sleeping on the job? If your boss read this post, he'll surely 'fry sotong' you la, hahaha!

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