Time Fades

My internship is ending in 2 days time. Within these 3 months of training, I learned a lot yet a little =D Basically, I never like inspection and supervision tasks. I find these jobs challenge me no further. Besides commanding foreign workers who will eventually obey, reading the plan is always tedious.

Meanwhile in the office, paperwork is deadly although being inexperienced at early stage did make me amazed those who are working them. Matters regarding RFI, SI, NCR, Method Statement, RIN, AutoCAD, Micro Project are now rolling my eyes. Memo is everything and everywhere, yet all are under my fingertips^^ Currently, the only door that I had yet to break is the door of Project Manager for he locks it all the time. I wonder what Project Manager does inside. His task seem to be no task according to everyone =D

One thing I like about this training is that, I patted many shoulders. I have a dad, 3 brothers, and lot of friends. All of them know that I'm a rapid worm who complete task extremely fast in order to play games during office hour^^ I have even brought one of my big brothers to advance in Facebook XD Haha~

Overall, my role was been raised from being student, to colleague than finally becoming an adviser^^ I involved in company politics, making an old man obediently listening to my advise~ I love dealing Public Relationship indeed^^

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