Not many people realize that time passes for each action that we take. That is when we get excited, angry, depressed or disappointed. Future is every second ahead of us. And we know that, there is a minute we ought to decide as if we are able to get hold of ourselves.

Every moment that passed, drawn a history. It will be our novel of life without ourselves realizing it would one day be completed. We have to write our stories, we have to write our characters. That is why, we learn to understand and learn to comprehend, making our novels the best seller of all time.

There is a saying, knowledge is through studies, success is through experiences. Indeed, true knowledge is gained by understanding each novels surrounding us, hence true success is by understanding each experience that we'd gained through them.

In my life, I met some who claim that I'm being arrogant for illustrating my thoughts my way. However, it is always a fact that those who think they are smart, never get smart. For those who know much never claim themselves knowing a lot.

"The more I see, the less I know, yet more I want to see..."

Being praised is not what I really hope for, but being teased is definitely not what I want. If I couldn't help to reveal the true meaning of arrogant, how the future would become? I wonder... Shall the strongest mountain be shaken?

Life is a gift from God. Every morning is a mercy from above. Time is governing us but our routes are us to choose. Knowledge shows us the truth, wisdom shows us the path. Grow in sight and we will see certainty.

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