Ear Diary

Some of you might had known that I got listening problem since last Tuesday, which I can hardly hear voices of fairies and elves in my class. Yea~ I mean I love to listen to my friends' voice and this unfortunate event futher proven that my feeling is right.

After 4 days of deaf experiece, I met myself with a doctor. What he said then?

"Oh, just a blockage at your eartube and you got infection."


"Ah, it is nothing. Just a little sratches at your ear canal."


Here is my medicine. Actually, it was kinda embarrass to tell you guys that I consulted a doctor just to dig my ear. Hek~
Nothing happen from the outside, just inside XD


[~*Erlina~*] said...

i also got like this b4...
but the doc didnt gv me any medicine also eh...

Independent Queen said...

scary experience. Just imagine if we lost one of our senses...especially sight and hearing..

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