Going To Ipoh

Do you realize how splendid is Google Earth in providing direction? Ha-ha~ This is getting lame but still I'll telling you that I do not know the way to Puduraya XP Please don't say me cute or deride me, living is about learning anyway and no one is perfect~ Right? Hehe...
Here is the map and I have him printed out. As shown in map, Puduraya is very near to Pasar Seni but I will choose to walk from KL sentral instead if time permits. I believe walking on foot will helps to get the map into my head.

Why am I going to Ipoh?

Basically to work.

Theoretically to learn something.
Magically to...
This world actually got no magic =.= Haha!!

Well, WeiHao says he's going to bring me 'to have fun' and I believe he will^^ just can't wait!! I've never been to Ipoh. So how is Ipoh anyway? Food paradise?

Oh no! How can food comes into my head first? This means I'm very 'Tam Jiak' (Love to eat)

Whatever it is~ I'm going to blog it out when I return. Ohya, I have not tell you what I going to work as... Hehe...

You will know when I get back~


Anonymous said...


you know wei hao? lol

leo7_lion said...

Yup, I know him. You know him too?

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