Dear WEI HAO!!!

This so called 'Friend' is really something for posting sad memories which were not originated by him but he forget to put credit on others. Maybe you shall read the story First:

Chinese new year became my mom's funeral, it's a true story and it's definitely happen in malaysia. i'm not here to whine about what had happen, i'm just here to tell my story and hope everyone know the fact and discuss on it for future prevention.

====== In KL office morning (8.30am - 9.30am) =======

it was 19th January 2009, i was working in KL, and on that date my mom left for a short trip to bangkok along with my aunts and my sisters and cousins, i reach my working place in KL around 8.30am, i remember it clearly as that morning my GF left for work very early so i go work at the same time she left the house, i was wondering in my office doing the usual email checking and day-to-day stuff in my office while waiting for the punch card machine office to be open at 9am.

just when i was walking towards the punch card room around 9.05am, my younger sister called, told me they involved in a car crash at tangkak near melaka while they are on their way to KLIA, suddenly my heart shivered... i quickly asked my sister whether is everyone alrite, she told me that my mom was alrite, and she and my youngest sister had minor injuries, so does my mom, cuz they told me my mom stil able to talk at the moment and do some slow walk with help.

without hesitation i called my dad which is outstation in china working, after a short talk with my dad, i go apply leave at my office with the company secretary, and i left office at around 9.30am. since i cant really concentrate to think what should i do, i slowly drove my car to melaka general hospital at about 90-100km/h, as before i left the office my sister told me that the ambulance will deliver them to general hospital in melaka.

======= on my way to hospital (9.30am - 11.30am) =========

i reach general hospital melaka (GHM) at approximately 11.30am, when i reach the hospital i try to find my sister they all, by the time i found them is already about 11.40am, four of them (2 sisters, 1 cousin, and 1 mom's fren also in the van) were allocated outside of the emergency room taken numbers and waiting for their turn to go for x-ray, four of them stil be able to talk and walk (BUT WTF?! EMERGENCY CAR ACCIDENT U TELL THE ACCIDENT PATIENTS TO TAKE NUMBER AND WAIT?!?!?!?!), but the problem is, there are no sight of any nurse that's taking care of them, and also, according to what they told me, 1st take number to wait for X-ray, then after x-ray take number again, wait for doctor to consult them, then after see the doctor, take number again to take medicine. Just a question, is this how Malaysia handle their emergency patients? taking numbers? What if my sisters and cousin all have internal bleeding, they just take numbers and wait to die? Skip to second part, my mom and my aunts.

======= A long duration of stress and pressure over my head (11.40am - 2.30pm) ======

after i go grab some food for my sisters and cousin also for myself since i haven had my breakfast yet, it's approximately around 11.50am i go look for the doctor in order to know my mom's and my aunts' situation(my two aunt is badly injured, worse than my mom, one with broken arm, another with broken spine with about 1cm of spine's nerve stil attached whom today 23rd january 2009 still in the KL Prince Court Specialist under special care)

i finally get to enter the area "so-called" emergency room (which is more like a place to allocate emergency patients, far worse than a normal ward, more like a refugees camp) at around approximately 12.00am. i walk around and saw my third aunt with a broken arm allocated at the refugees camp placed at a deserted location with no immediate action taken by doctor and no nurse taking care of her leaving her broken arm untreated (later part she told me before i arrive they only inject her with pain-killer, welldone doctor, i really marvel at your skill during emergencies), asides from that, i saw there's many nurses wondering around inside the refugees camp and chit chat and laughing that or discussing where to lunch later.

then i ask my aunt where's my mom and my another aunt, cuz i couldnt find them anywhere, she told me they might be having treatment in ICU now, so i go to the counter and ask the receptionist how's my mom situation and can i go in to see her, she told me she dont know the situation and must wait for the doctor to come out, i tot that was reasonable so i go wait outside of the ICU for the doctor to come out, few minutes later at approximately 1230noon the doctor came out, so i stand up and ask him what had happen is my mom alrite, this is what the doctor told me "your mom having internal bleeding and multiple bone broken around pelvis and thigh area, we're trying our best we could but the situation not very good, we already had done CPR on her once she came back conscious". this time i started shivering as according to my sister statement my mom stil can talk and in conscious situation summore can walk with help, question is how did this happened? Did the CPR went wrong and caused that internal bleeding? there are no surgeon around? they were chit-chatting where to go for lunch later? 2 hours in hospital, they did nothing?

i continue waiting outside of ICU waiting for the result, at the mean time, i went to talk to a lawyer to see whether issit possible to arrange for transfer to a specialist, they say it is possible to make the transfer, just need to inform another specialist then they will deal with the GHM and arrange for transfer. but that time i couldnt make any rough decision for christ sake it's a life, i have to make sure my mom is stable then only can transfer. so i wait again. then about 1.15pm the doctor (wearing a red shirt/pants inside with a jacket outside, looked totally not professional at all) told me to be prepared, my mom situation not good. during the time i was getting more anxious, my another cousin who's studing doctor course in the same area came with her bf, with the tag and the passes everythin, i presume they would be able to enter the ICU to see my mom, so i ask them to do me a favour to take a look at my mom and aunts situation.

after they check with the security and things like that, they said cannot enter also, then i said, even if i wear all the equipment and necessary cleaning procedure i'm her son, i stil cant go in? my cousin told me they've asked, we cant go in. this time i grew despaired... i dont know what to do anymore, cant go in, dont know what's happening inside, total information sealed. i continue waiting, until about 2.05pm the same doctor with red shirt and red pants came out told me my mom has gone forever...... i shivering and feeling cold, they finally let me enter the ICU (their so-called ICU = 4 bed in the same room with a partition, wow....) i walked to the corner near my mom's bed, then i opened the white cloth covering my mom's face, then i saw my mom's face, i finally cant take it anymore, i broke into million drops of tears, i regretted for not sending her to specialist, i kissed my mom forehead twice it was icy cold, i told her "i'm sorry", told her "i loved u..." i cried, i'm a guy who doesnt cry often, but for the first time in my life, i really felt my heart pierced by thousands of needles and feeling sourish... i recovered after crying for 5 minutes... then with grieve i slowly go inform my sister about the news, then i brought them to see my mom, they as well with injuries, broke into tears...

i now have one thing left in my mind, i dont know how to tell my dad about the news cuz he's already on the way back to malaysia and i scare he cant take it. but since i'm the eldest in the family i stil grab my phone and called my dad, the worst sentence as a starting of a conversion that i will never forget in my life "Dad, mom has passed away and gone forever..." i broke into tears again, my dad hanged up the phone, after few minutes he called back again asking me did mom wake up... i told him "no.", i heard the other side, his voice trembling and the echo from the phone says "Darling, why you left me alone... why...." i cried again...

i lost all my appetite and all my mood, now my head is all blank, i try not to think of my mom, as when i think of her i'll cry, i need to be strong. i walked her to the mortuary, then they ask me wanna do autopsy now or not, i told them no, cuz i wanna wait for my dad to come. so they put my mom into the fridge at approximately 2.30pm. then i was requested to make a police report at Muar police station, by that time, my uncle already arrived, while they handling the rest, i took my car and go to a nearby hotel to check in since tonite me, my sisters and cousins will be staying at melaka cuz my another two aunt stil inside moreover my mom's body stil nid to be collected, after check in at Straits Meridian Apartment Hotel i left to Muar Traffic police station.

========== i spent about 3 - 4 hours back and forth from muar =========

on my way back to hotel, i called up my lawyer, and ask him to rush to GHM to help me arrange my mom's body collection, but later he called back and told me the forensic doctor went back home already, it was 5.45pm (NICE!!! doctor who work from 9am to 6pm, offday on saturday and sunday i presume?). so i reach my hotel at about 6pm+- i couldnt close my eyes and my head is blank, i mean totally blank, i called my GF, have some chat then called my uncle who was at GHM this afternoon, by this time, all my aunts already transfered to Putra Specialist in melaka, and they've already received treatment immediately when they reach the hospital, my 3rd aunt who had broken arm was inserted a metal plate and screws, she done her surgery and already stable that time is about 10pm+- but my smallest aunt stil in surgery and we'll skip that part on how she got transfer to KL specialist.

========== Today 23rd January 2009 ========

i just finished my mom's funeral and sent her for cremation, it's a saddest apart that ever occured in my life, chinese new year is near yet, i do not have any mood nor happiness for this chinese new year, doesnt matter how many ang pow i've received doesnt matter how many blessing i've received, i will not be happy anymore, thanks to GHM, General Hospital Melaka, congratulation on taking away my mom's life and letting me have a shadowed life in future ahead, luckily today i'm 24yo and grown up enough, if minus 10 years, i might be having a hard time throughout my life without a mom.

Hopefully this article that i wrote can get awareness from people around malaysia, i hope people that read this article will support me, i also hope that petition can be rise on improving the government health ministry operating procedure and process. My mom was a senator previously she always been helpful and cheerful, she always smiling and always have a strong will to survive maybe it is fate that she will sacrifice her life for malaysia and help the nation to be a better country.

Sorry for the long story, just that i would like to have your opinion on this issue, following is my question:

1) How long does it take for General Hospital Melaka (GHM) to take action or surgery on emergency cases? (12 hours? 24hours?)
2) If family members are not allow to enter the ICU, how could it be other non-doctor personnel inside the ICU along with others patient in same room? (Great job on this, doctor not require to wear mask, dirty jacket nurses, and u tell me a clean family member cant enter ICU... HA.. HA.. HA... funny~)
3) According to my 3rd aunt, she was left on a secluded bed(refugee camp) without medical attention for 7hours, where is the nurse or doctor? (nice lucky my aunt can survive this 7hours if not she would have gone with my mom)
4) My 3rd aunt was transfered to Putra Specialist and immediate surgery was taken and she's stable after 3hours, the doctor from GHM = kindergarten student or the doctor from Putra Specialist = university student? (does it take a world famous doctor to know that emergency cases need to be treated immediately?)
5) After consulting doctor at specialist, internal bleeding wont likely to cause death if treated immediately, X-ray showed that my mom's pelvis bone is "Fractured" not "Broken", GHM = Hellgate London? all become soooo exaggerate?
6) Why my mom passed away at 1.40pm they informed my at 2.05pm?
7) Their record showed that the ambulance arrived GHM at 9.45am, during 9.45am - 1.40pm, 4hours what the doctor doing? was my mom taking numbers and waiting for her turn?
8) Hospital representative said my mom died due to losing too much blood caused by internal bleeding, 4 hours you cant even ask my to transfer blood to my mom? and you cant do immediate surgery?

9) More than 4 passenger at the backseat the 4th passenger dont need seatbelt? what nonsense is that? Commercial vehicle dont need seat belt at the back? (non-related to the hospital question but related to traffic accident)

If my mom were to had treatment the very first moment, stop the bleeding deliver the blood to my mom's body she would have died, 4 hours, you couldnt deliver blood to my mom's body and internal bleeding that caused by "minor" fracture , the hospital wanna convince me my mom died of losing blood, now i ask pledge you all to reply on this thread, did the hospital convinced you?

Mom, hope you're happy up there in heaven, we will always love you, you'll always be in our memories, rest in peace.... <--- this is related news

Being his friend, I was very worry if this incident is real. I immediately phoned him trying to comfort him, knowing him broke up with his girlfriend not long ago which will make him feels worse.

Then he picked up and I started. In fact, the story above is a fake but he thought I was comforting him for his girl-boy relationship broke up thing. He said me heartless for not knowing that matter for so long. I went curious immediately as I'm very sure he posted this today and the accident was at 19th which is not long ago.

Immediately, I further mentioned about the date of when the misfortune took place. In phone, he started laughing. Weird, he should be sad~

Here is the truth: He copied this article from somewhere else and he forget to put credit on that person! Ish!!! I'm so speechless and extremely embarrassing!!!

After knowing his mistake, he went to correct his post.
And he changed his title too from 'A sad story' to 'Is A sad story.not me!'

This is WeiHao and his Blog: What a Day =.=

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