It's been a long time since my last kitchen visit. You see, my family doesn't cook thus we don't eat in the kitchen neither. Yet, my elder sister likes to decorate it with something... unnecessary =.= According to her, this is how we adorn our 'life'~ Quiet right^^

And I see some alien objects hanging on the kitchen wall today. Well, what are they?
I know you may want to focus on the sign-plate but actually that plate has been there for long. It is made by my elder sister and she purposely made it with those adverse characters, buying visitors' time to read them. Still, it's easier if you get yourself a mirror to read^^

I bet not~ Once you have a mirror, you'll probably mirror yourself only.

Now, the alien is this.
Well, what is this for? My kitchen IQ is very bad so my sister actually shows me how to use them. She says "It's easy~ Watch this!"

The problem is... We never use them in the correct manner. Indeed they are handy for sticking kitchen tools, but we use them for entertainment only.

If we never remove those plate, cup or bottles above, I bet they are going to catch dust soon^^

I have an idea!! This must be how Spiderman stick onto the wall.Aiyo, he look so down in this poster still I deride him. I feel so bad... Sorry Spidey~
~GO, MEN, Na, SAi~


BooNMiNG said...

haha.. at first i tot what stick behind spiderman until i read your post.. =.=" hahaha... funny sia..

for your blogosphere post.. i think just maintain your blog with good content.. be more active in gatherings/lifestyle which i think you already had... go blogwalk a bit to make more people know about the existence of your blog.. then it should not be a big problem.. i think your alexa rank of 1.1 million should mean you got a good visitor views right? so greedy?? not enough? lol

i paid RM128 if not mistaken for 1 year of 1GB storage (10GB bandwidth).. u can definitely find lower price but service is important coz u need support whenever u face troubles... very fast earn back de.. haha.. google ads + nuffnang... 2 - 5 months can earn back liao...

Anonymous said...

hey i got that "alien" thing at home too!! very nice to play with it!
especially when got water too.. haha.. =D

日月神教-任我行 said...


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