Working in FOTOKEM

This post shall begins with an apology for abandoning you these few days XD Besides, I couldn't greet you a New Year =P Nonetheless, I hereby promise the best that I would give with new resolution.

I worked as a part-timer in FotoKem these few days. I found the fun that was irreplaceable. First of all is the person in-charge who is extremely kind and generous. For these, I'm able to negotiate my working time. Next, Internet surfing is allowed. As long as I could do a good sales (or not), I can operate their PC for Facebook'ing^^ These terms are marvelous.

By the way, FujiFilm invited me to work for them and the pay per day is more than what I'm earning currently =.=

Below are some others records of what I've done during working hour^^

Filling the photos into their albums
This is now my job but I'm doing it to spam time =P
Too bored?
Make myself a picture^^

The person in-charge saw me camwhoring and she decided to make me an album. It was remarkably great. Anyway, I dyed my hair already.
They said I have the potential of becoming a model XD Haha~
-Play is to play but never forget to work-

I watched Avatar. It is definitely the best movie that I've ever watched this year. Right, this year just passed 2 days XP Haha~ However, the story line seems familiar. It seems like it was copied from somewhere old story or cartoon, hard to tell. My friend agrees with me.

I like the ritual part and ritual song, it moves me a lot^^

PS: I'm going to Langkawi Island for few days~ So I'll stop my update again XD Sorry~

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