Blood Donation Day

Sister Peggy needs blood for she suffers Danggi Disease. Those who want to be volunteer donors can come Asunta Hopital for your blood to be packed up. Okay, let's start...

Why hospitals need our blood? Because they want to feed vampires. Why they want to feed the vampires? Because the vampires give them money ($.$)9 Hahahaha...
This blood donating centre looks exactly like an office which reminds you on work and work.
Before we can actually donate our precious blood, we must have a blood qualification test and forms to be filled. Larry being the first time donor was nervous but Melissa was calm (because she's not donating).
Basically we have six donors including me. Initially, I thought I would had been disqualified due to the fact that I'm thin. Plus a day before, Shen Chew was disqualified because of that.
We got our blood tested and most of us have blood type A+. No AIDS no special treats. By the way, Edgar(in blue) was disqualified as he himself was on medication.

Some Funny Jokes about Blood Type: [1][2][3][4][5][6] click to read!!

Brother Kwek pretended to be panicked when I aimed the camera at him.
Jensen and Lisa were smiling wide when their bloods were filling the Rebena Packs.
Don't worry about the professionals. They know what they're doing~
Looks like brother Kwek is done but he is now short of 450ml blood.
Cornelius Elendil here. I love this comfortable chair that I can easily fall sleep.
But certainly not the 'pok'king ritual. I wonder if my blood will fill the bag completely.
Lisa was enjoying herself but she never knows that her misfortune has just lies ahead.
What's the problem? She made me nervous...
I want to get out of here! Someone help!!
Douglas is a brave warrior. Just look at the steadiness. Maybe he is so used to mosquitoes bite that he couldn't feel any pain with that huge needle in his arm.
Not ready yet? What take them so long?
Oh no! I can't see her 'pok'king the needle into my flesh.
And I'd worried that she'll 'pok' the wrong vane.
Done finally. But this is not the end~ Blood transaction...
I don't want to look at that tube.
The last donor on his seat, Larry. In Hokkien, we have a sentence 'Tua Chim Pa Kong, Sui Chim Pa King Kong' and he is the 'Tua Chim' [Click here to know the meaning]. He vomited after his donation.
The end of my story. I'm done my part^^
Let's go back to Lisa. She failed to fill up her Rebena Bag. And now she is swifting arm to continue with her blood donation. Everyone gets to 'Pok' only once but she was lucky to have it twice.
A last shot before his vomiting. Now, this fellow is still unaware about his future.
After the donation, we drank and drank but not drunk. I thought they'll be giving us 'Gai Chieng' but sadly that's not the truth.
Jensen started the feast! Let's drink!
Chinese New Year has not finished so these are our red packets to the Hospital. Gong Xi Gong Xi~


HitoMi^^ said... need scare oNe...tapi dun look at it when the needle pokes in.

coz it is terrifying

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..that is the good 'donation' what..hehehhe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Very noble of all of you :)

Hahahahahahahaha guess what is the password verification that just loaded?

"bledi" (and it's red in colour)

No kidding.

shah said...

nice blood... ehehe

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