I didn't know that the class was cancelled due to Lecture's personal issue when I bumped myself into a class of hollow. Swt! You see, getting myself to school is not easy. We have to deal with taxi drivers whom ain't fetching Utarian. That is a challenge. It is either you fight or to be defeated and left out. As for me, I will fight only when my friends were not around. This is to protect them from harm if there were any =D Thus, I usually keep my roar when we are together.
For those who are currently staying in Taman Melati, you can always complain to their main office about their treats. So far, I did it twice and the office did showed responsibility, taking action, eradicating them. They need to be disciplined. Complain number: 1800-88-9600, as stated at their taxis' big backside. Help yourself =)

Utar bus is our next alternative. Yet, we always missed it. We seldom get into the bus together because we are slow... Haha~

Now, I'm free for 3 hours. Certainly, there are still things for me to deal with. First, I've to meet Dr Lim without any clear reason of why I should meet him~ He just sent me a mail yesterday asking me to see him =.= Somehow, he's having class now and I got to wait for him.

Second, secret =P.

Third, blogging~

Anyway, there is an Indian fellow sitting beside me in this computer lab now, and he's making me dizzy with his unbearable perfume. Uek!


Lisa717 said...

aiks..what a day tat u had there...kakaka, bro~ u bad bad leh..u said the Indian gt those unbearable perfume smell~~ hehehe..

weihao said...

haha.. just realised u went to the low kai sai class bt cancel di....lolZ!

Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

No wonder my friends staying in Melati all got their own car

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, like fighting for transport..yes life is like that for uni students if dun hv own cars...

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