Cinema Day in KLCC

Serene: "If you want to cross a road, you must wait for the walking light to turn green."
Me: "The lights are just for decoration. No one use it anyway."
Serene: "It's true but we still have the responsibility to disturb the traffic flow a little."
Me: "By making the vehicle stop in their lane?"
Serene: "Exactly~"

[Oh no, I'd made her sounds evil... Hahaha]

Me: "Why don't you two walk closer when you notice that I'm taking picture?"
KokYong: "Speechless..."
Serene: "So that you could photoshop yourself into this picture. Isn't this a great idea?"
Me: "That's kinda task for me~"

-Buy lrt tickets-
Serene: "Aren't you bored with your picture snapping?"
Me: "You know I'm a blog addict~"
Serene: "Right, snap the lrt when it approaches."
Me: "You know, to get the perfect lrt picture, you must be on the lane when it comes."
Serene: "Oh? Then the train will never come because you are blocking the way."
Me: "I thought it should be banging me instead~"
Serene: "Banging you is their lost as they will be spending money to clean the station."
Me: "Hiring people to perform ritual for me?"
Serene: "Clean your blood stain lah!"
-In lrt-
Me: "Waw, your ring is suffering."
Serene: "I know my finger is fat enough to squeeze the ring."
Me: "Ah? Okay..."
[From left: WeiHao, MeiNgor, Richard, TeckWei and KokYong]

Richard & TeckWei: "I found this magic book interestingly lame(Richard)/funny(TeckWei)."
Me: "What's it about?"
TeckWei: "You read, you read,"
Me: "Okay." *Read*
Richard: "Why you need to read out loud?"
Me: "My mandarin very lousy so I can't read properly."
MeiNgor: "I can teach you but you will have to pay me tuition fee."
Me: "Better not then."

!!Let's try this magic on you readers!!

Please choose a number from 1-50 with condition of (1) it contains two digit numbers, (2) both digit numbers must be odd numbers eg: 17 and (3) Two digit numbers cannot be repeated eg: 22.

Magical answer:
Your choosen number is either 35 or 37.

It works?

Me: "Let's take a picture!"
MeiNgor: "I'm always ready for that."
Me: "You are the only one =)"

-Watch Fast and Furious-
All: "Not Bad."
Me: "But no more second time on this movie...Hehe"

-After movie-
WeiHao: "We can really see the Twin Tower from this spot."
Me: "Right, you mouth luring flies?"
WeiHao: "You wanna take a picture?"
Me: "I worried about the risk snapping here as my phone will suicide falling from high (4th floor). See below~"
WeiHao: "You snap it anyway~"
Me: "Yup, for blog purpose. I find that I really addicted to blogging."
WeiHao: "Okay, okay...Hm..."
Aiks, next Tuesday we have Structural Analysis Test!! Got to prepare a bit now... XD

Pray for me dear readers, I want to get good result for this semester =)


AliVe said...

gud luck to u in tis semester la
working hard is needed
dun juz sit there n wait 4 gud result

Dezmond said...

ar? u sure the movie is the fast and furious ar??! but that's Matthew Mcconaughey right? I just watched the fast and furious 4 last night din even noticed him? haha

leo7_lion said...

That picture is captured during advertisement =P I tried to snap when the show's on but the picture blur

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