Nikon Album

I'm sharing on my days working for Nikon. Although it was not many days but three are sure enough to stop me from posting for the last two days. Picture above is where you'll see at KTM. What's KTM? Keretapi Tanah Melayu? *I roll my eyes How about Kena Tunggu Mar~ If I were to take bus which will be taking me to my working place in 30 minutes, I would have save 1 hour 30 minutes. Great great different. Whatever~ I din't mind~ What I have was time and since, I was 2 hours earlier than working hours which is 10am.
While waiting for train(Keretapi), I took some boring pictures. Well, why did I wear spect which I usually don't? Well, presenting first impression is certainly important =) Really don't look like the usual me when I wear it (Haha)
Right, this is Mid Valley, a picture from Jusco entrance 2nd floor. Upon reaching, I phoned my cousin, who I was recommended into the company for place confirmation. Yes! I've found it. In fact, I worked inside Jusco. Happily, I entered.

My Dealer: "Where's you uniform?"
Me: "The boss said it will be prepared for me here..."
My Dealer: "Huh?"
Me: "Huh?" (What lar~Such a disorganised community...Haha)
My Dealer: "Wait,...You wait outside or go walk around Mid Valley." (Witdrawing his phone out of his pocket calling someone)
Me: "Ok..."

Thus I waited again(Left). This time it spent me 2 hours doing nothing for I did not dare to wander far. But immediately after I get the uniform(Right), and after so and so~ My Dealer lead me to get the Jusco Promoter Pass =) It is where a place down down below which is not well designed nor clean. Totally different from high high above. Heaven and Hell. Haiz~

After getting the Pass and back to my working place, the other promoter from other camera company came to me.

Him: "How come you're allowed to wear sport shoe to work?"
Me: "Can't I?"
Him: "It's Jusco Policy. Actually, you can't."
Me: "I Don't know why they allowed but it still okay...I mean my sport is all black."
Him: "Lucky you, maybe they don't realised when they saw it's black."
Me: "Haha"

Since they're having 'road show' (Don't know spell it correct or not),
Nikon's stall where I was arranged to take care of.
Really really having disadvantage take caring these stalls.
First, no drawers or whatever places to rest my personal accessories.
Second, simple yet too simple design compared to the stalls next to mine.
Let's view the whole 'street',
Mine Nikon was in the middle where front were Canon, Panasonic, back Samsung and Olympus.
Panasonic video cameras, attract lot customers...

My first day ended with 1 camera sold, Nikon L16 to an English Couple. They speak European slang and my style was to slang back to them. Wow, promoters next stall suprized. This day, my dealer actually fooled me. He went for his dinner but never come back until the stall closed. For that, I missed my dinner. I thought he went sembahyang but in fact he went busy body ceramah. (Will my cousin complain this matter to the boss for my sake? Haha...)

Second day, when I started to know more friends. This day, I worked alone without any else partner helping from my company. It was a sudden decision. In fact, I was not thought about the stocks and writing bills. Really, I'm in touble. Luckily, an experienced promoter next door just helped me out, teaching me on billing, stocks and such. This is him.

He was not prepared for capturing.He was shocked when he found that I was capturing photo of him. Now, he's ready for a shot.

I'm the king of the day!!!
First, there was no one ruling over me that I can do anything I want.
Second, succeed in selling 4 cameras a day which had beat the reconds of many.
The point is, I'm promoting the cameras without having any knowledge of them and this is only the second day I worked under camera company. *Proud =) Hahahaha...

I'm overjoyed and started acting stupid in my phone.
Making myself postered,
Nikon L16
Nikon L18
Nikon S52
Nikon S60
Nikon S210
Nikon S520
Nikon S550
Nikon S600

Yea, all these were under me to promote. My second day ended.

Third day(Sunday). Nothing special about my job but the LRT was, by making me late to work. A sudden broke down =.=
See, causing lot trouble to us...
And the guards were happy to see us.

I've a partner today and she is a girl who I've mistaken for she is a boy until that night when my cousin told me. Today's sale not good. Whole day not a camera sold. Although my partner keep conforting me that it's normal to have this situation, but still I didn't want to give up. Finally 2 hours before the stall closed, I managed to conviced an Indian couple to buy 1 cheapest camera. Yeah! Everyday has a record~^^v


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