Totally Secret Recipe

Right, 21st Oct is my birthday. And it's the end of my 19. Shall it reminds me of happy moments? Or sad moments? Let this answer be found 3 years later. Anyway, dad bought me Marble Cheese.

The way I celebrated my birthday was simple.
A cake, parents and me.
Very simple but I'm happy with it.

And I began to understand,
Birthday is not to celebrate the day I was born,
Not to celebrate that I had completed another year of life,
But to celebrate I was given a life.
Mom and Dad together sang a birthday song to me.
Beside giving out smiling face, I have no idea what else to do.

A day shall end and the another shall begin.
There is no perfect but a wasted history.
Let everyday be guided and let every moment shines.

Secret Recipe: Marble Cheese
Very very delicious.
Deep inside my heart.

Thanks to all who wish me a happy birthday.


niar said...

hi, thank you for stopping by,
happy birthday, may god bless u, and your day is greater than before.
can I add you in my link?
nice to find a friend from Malaysia

TNH said...

it had been quite sometime i did not eat their cheese cake..almost forgot when is the last time i ate it..miss it so much

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