Everyday of Our life

Suddenly, I just feel that like life is never easy especially when all things come together. Not only that, I feel irritated when no thing's on too. Irritate by what? -Time- No people want to waste their time I suppose neither do I.

Well, tomorrow is gonna be a busy day in MV and I'm suppose to prepare myself information that is necessary. I pray that it'll be an interesting day then^^

Meanwhile, international Japanese language examination is around the corner. But I have not revise on anything yet! Even the homework that my sensei gave was not done. こまったな~ 今年のに級試験どだったの? 全然わからない!

Thank god my rabbit began to understand that not to play with wires. It helps a lot when I actually let her out of her cage. Still, her litter is accumulating...Why she shits so much? Didn't I just cleaned for her 2 days before?

Next, tennis class tonight. Really hope that it won't affect my following day's schedule. Who knows it might turn my whole body pain...

Nothing is perfect until you say it is?
Am I doubting my own sentence?
Haha =P


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