Steamboat instead of Cake

Yesterday was my elder sis birthday.
Never seen my elder sis in my previous posts right?
Now, I'm showing you~

This is my great sister who doesn't know how to camwhore.
She only knows how to spend money on me.

So who am I?
Her brother la of course!!

According to her,

Don't want cake la!
Makes me fat only!

So we went for steamboat instead

There, we opened our eyes big big to choose a preferable seat.
Too much choices is a problem you see~

Choices = No people
(^.^v )

We're here to enjoy the porridge steamboat ourselves
and only by ourselves anyway.

Very lazy to take pictures on other people.
Only hardworking on eating.

Her motto,
Tun Kia Bohot Bohot Problem~
(meaning: you got lots of problem)
Like I care~


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. enjoy o.. wish her happy birthday~

niar said...

happy birthday to your sista...

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