Christmas Exchange Gift

Christmas is coming and you know what? My brother's company, Dell is going to hold a gift exchange party which this had make my brother traveled far just to look for available gift. Sultan Birthday free holiday(Today) was totally used up then. And the result was...

!!A Puzzle Rings!!
I wonder how will the receiver feels when he/she gets the prize.
Happy or 'Huh?'
You see, this thing is not easy to deal with at all.
It might be something special but life will never be easy with this thing.
Before giving out,
We feel like trying to solve the puzzle ourselves first.
That box alone consists of three puzzle tools.
Which one is the easiest to solve?
I can't judge as I haven't solve even one =)
I wonder why is there a human who are so free to create all this kind of thing.
Making life difficult.

1 comment:

Harmony said...

Either it boost some brain cells

or it killed a multitude.

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