Intentional Friends

Em... This title sounds grave =P

Before I start, let's talk about something stupid instead =D I do not want anybody to feel being stabbed or something~ Haha...

My family and I went for SteamBoat dinner just now. We were enjoying our meal with much laughter to the state that my elder sister subconsciously eating the prawn shell meanwhile throwing the meat instead. We were like "What are you doing?"

Alright, my lame story ends here... Let's begin

Once there was a person who told me that "It is rare to find someone(a friend) approaching ourselves without intention." Come to think of it... This actually satisfy the interaction of give-and-take. In fact, give-and-take is rational if its true nature is being practiced. Meaning by, we really give and we really take. However... If others believe that they are being used instead, the problem mostly lies within ourselves.

Come to think of it. If we have give enough than take, how is there possible for them to murmur? Are we taking more than give?

In contrast... If a friendship is made out of give-and-take, this scenario would definitely be the outcome. Give-and-take should never appears in friendship but business partnership. Hence, are we actually taking our friends as business partners?

When we say friends, most people would refer to those whom they know during their secondary school. Why? This situation lies because everyone began to shelter only themselves in tertiary school onward. Frankly speaking, can you really trust your friends? Allow me to demonstrate you an example. It might happen that a party is dwelling together, but it is only for the purpose of dwelling, not because of friendship. True?

None is willing risk themselves for uncertainty. They wants to protect themselves first than the others, thus tossing those who are dragging them. Who is willing to slow down for 'friends' who is slower than they themselves? Who is willing to sacrifice?

One may hug, saying 'I'm true towards you' yet the truth never hides and one will not know... Everyone can determine who is true... Everyone can...

Perhaps we should change. Never take when they never give. Ever give even they never ask. Aren't this what we used to call 'Friendship'? We love them and we want them to be better, thus we give. We want to fill their emptiness with happiness. This is how it meant to be...

Have we ever feel ourselves being used by others? If our love is great, endure... Even if true friend never again exists, wait... Just remember, everyone can see if our hearts are pure enough to be trusted with. A pure heart can win a king's favor.


Eldy said...

What to do.. self-protecting is normal but I felt like been betrayed sometimes when my friends is over and deliberate to do so.. [sry]

leo7_lion said...

Help others more often before waiting for others to help ourselves~

One day, the world will change =)

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