Dota - Lina Inverse, The Slayer Guide

Lina inverse is an extremely strong hero. Nevertheless, she requires your good controlling skill. Undeniably, she is very weak in defense. You may need some items as a back up defense.

For her skills, it is best you learn Light Strike Array(2nd skill) first. This is because that Dragon Slave(1st skill) may infects additional 10 damage but if you are concern, Light Strike Array stuns your opponent giving you additional 2 hits which will done more damage to your enemy. You may least on focus Fiery Soul(3rd skill) since your skills damage is most essential for early game. Ultimate, Laguna Blade is famous for its killing. It is the most powerful direct hit skill. Stab your enemy with this blade if they health point is low.

Lina focuses on skills a lot. However, there are situations where opponents requires skill reduction items. Therefore we might consider different play style for different game,by judging the opponent style.

If they are not requiring skill reduction items, key items would be Guinsoo, Aghanim's Scepter then Eye's of Skadi. On the other hand if they require, key items are Buriza/Desolator, Monkey King Bar then Eye's of Skadi. Eye's of Skadi is useful for comprehending her skills, but it consumes lot golds thus saving it for last is always advisable. The first key item for her must be able to help her to kill. Meanwhile during early game, 3 Mantle of Intelligence, 1 Circuit of Nobility and Ancient Tango of Essifation.

Lina is queen of fire. You can set the whole game ablaze. [Back to Menu]
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Eldy said...

Lina if kena gengbang will die 1st xD I rarely c ppl godlike using Lina..

Lolx ur recently post make me want to ply dotA everyday :P

leo7_lion said...

Haha, then play bah~ I only play when I'm free to. Meaning by I'm free now XD Hahaha

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