Simple Update

I assume everyone had read my previous post...Oh yea! Everyone means my readers =D Currently, I'm living in a very unhealthy lifestyle. Besides lying in front of my laptop, I cannot do anything else =.= Reading manga? I did... Haiz...

Comparing the days which I can freely move around, I can no longer hunt for food that in the fridge easily. Em... Only if the person I care of could notice this~ I always want to spend time chatting...

Okay, time for some emo speech XD

There is a time I developed another personality which I speak less. I prefer people not to comment me talking 'nonsense' if the possibility lies. In fact, what do the world mean by 'nonsense'? Isn't something that is not supposed to be spoken?

Many times for the purpose of entertainment, I think of something to speak yet to strengthen friendship between friends or newcomers. Isn't it good if my words can really eradicate the invisible barriers. Why is it nonsense then?

Perhaps, I'm taking this word not by its surface but the effects. If everyone were to think that I'm a person who speaks only 'that', I would rather stay isolated. I don't want to be misunderstood by those individual who practice true meaning of 'nonsense'. Fortunately, things like that had yet to happen.

There was a once in my history, which this word made me a hundred eighty degree feeling alteration. I understand that it was not with intention yet my words really mean it.

In our world, 'craps' and 'nonsense' carry the same meaning. Thus, they carry the same effects. Experiencing the this makes me feel the same way. Should I stop sharing my thoughts?

I demonstrate my story with intent of listener could know more about me meanwhile drawing myself closer to them for the bridge shall not exist without it. I shun those who mind not. Keeping a distance has become something indispensable for everyone has a key to unlock his wrath.

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