Control The Inner self

There is a generally saying that 'Guys are more logically whereas Girls are more emotional'. This is true but certainly, it doesn't applies on each individual. Once, there is a girl who told me this 'We women are anything comparable to man, but the only threat that could devour us is relationship, we become fragile'

If we are keen to understand, we could simply observe the differences between guys and girls. First of all, guys are more capable of handling stress. It is because all guys are self-worth, whom will never admit their weaknesses easily. That is why, they have unconsciously trained to be handling their own businesses. Even if they couldn't, they are not going to express it easily. On the other side, girls need companions. They could share almost everything among themselves and thus they could rely on each other. Girls topics are always hearts to hearts whereas for guys, facts to facts.

Hence we can notice that, guys tend to forget things and bother less. They ain't going deep into someone's thought like what girls usually do. That is why, some would say girls are more considerate than guys. However, being considerate is sometimes said bothersome among guys. Which then we see, guys are more playful than girls as well as happier.

After all said, there is in fact no wrong between both genders since they are being natural. Somehow, they could be drown by their own imperfection.
Towards girls: When your feelings hunt you "Focus on facts, not the feelings"
Towards guys: When you try to understand someone "Focus on feelings, not facts"
Controlling the inner self is not as easy as boiling water. Nevertheless, it is a way for everyone to take another step in our lives which we try to learn from each other.

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