We know ourselves better than Others do, True or False?

There is a saying: When you point a finger at others, three are pointing back at yourself.

It is to say that, when you condemn a person, you are actually condemning yourself more.

This is true. Nobody like being condemned but appreciate being praised for his or her work. It could be true that their work or attitude is not as good as expected, but we should practice the correct approach and timing in dealing with them. Or else, we will be disfavored.

Another affirmative is that, what we say about others is what we should say to ourselves first. How we describe others refers back to us. Hence to know ourselves, understand this =)

There is a part in human nature, which eradicating every negative applications describing self. Thus we often see the mistakes done by others instead of ourselves. For instance: When we claim a person stubborn, we are also a stubborn in certain approach. When we claim a person a fool, we are also a fool in some fields.

So, are we knowing ourselves better than others? Yes, we do if we actually realize it.

Various experiences make a person wise
Constant experience makes a person proud

A wise old man told me: What if I say you are having only one year of experience but you are repeating it for 10 times? Talking about experience? Talk wisdom.

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